Wednesday Night NYC – New York’s Best Wednesday Night Parties

Exclusive Wednesday Night Parties in NYC

Wednesday Night Parties in NYC

Currently, Wednesday nights in NYC are dominated by a small handful of parties.

As most places are completely dead on Wednesday night– it is super important to pick a club or party that is actually known for its Wednesday nights.

Right now, Marquee’s massive Wednesday night party is definitely the most popular in town and is frequented by models and big spending bottle clients.

Marquee’s massive size, coupled with the relatively low volume of people looking to go out on a Wednesday mean that there are only a handful of other options.

If you’re looking to go out on a Wednesday in NYC, you can’t go wrong heading to any of these parties.

Wednesday Night NYC


Marquee NYC

Chuckie perfoming at Marquee NYC NightclubWednesday nights Marquee brings out the big guns with its lineup of big name international DJs.  Past Wednesday performers include David Guetta (Fashion week), Chuckie and Laidback Luke.  The venue draws a large crowd of all types ranging from those that work the runway to those that work the cubicles.   Unlike many of the other clubs we cover, Marquee usually charges a cover (ranging from $20 to $100 per person- depending on the situation).

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Le Bain

Le Bain NYCWednesday nights Le Bain is host to the popular Mercury Nights party.

On these nights, the crowd is particularly good and draws a fashion crowd- with lots of downtown hipsters and thin model types.  

Expect to see many people wearing black, willow aloof fashion models, leather jackets, fashion forward hipsters and anyone else that can qualify as a downtown socialite.  

For some excellent photos of the Mercury Nights parties, check out the 24hour party people website here.

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No 8

No 8 No 8 No 8 throws a well attended, and well promoted Wednesday night party. This party is a solid choice for people looking for an upscale party in an intimate setting.
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Electric Room

Electric Room NYCElectric room is our top choice for late night Wednesday party. If the party you are at is starting to die, head on over to electric room.
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